With humanity anything but free from the pandemic pestilence of the last two and a half years, with war in the news by the day, and famine for as many as 200 million forecast by the ‘powers that be’… it seems that we are beset daily with tales of economic woes on the horizon: recession, depression, inflation and the (seemingly) inexorable rise of a domineering global autocracy, intent on setting the ‘Seventh seal’ on the slave race to which 99% of us belong! So, as another Summer Solstice approaches in the year 2022, an apocalyptic ode to suit the moment when for all but the earth’s self proclaimed ‘most intelligent species’ …it is ‘business as usual’!…

apocalypse written and narrated by al g smith 17 june 2022


Just a drop in the ocean
Or a ripple on an endless pond
A grain of sand on a mile long beach
Or the wave of a witch’s wand

Just the scent on a Spring breeze
Of a blossom that’s out of sight
Or the plaintive cry of a far-off beast
That is heard in the dead of night

Just the flapping of a butterfly’s wing
As it circles its partner in dance
Meeting to mate in a moment of joy
Then laying its eggs on the plants

Just the pin-sharp glint in a sparrow’s eye
As it swoops from branch to sill
Cocking its head to peer through the pane
Where an old man sits, feeling ill

Just the whisper of a wayward wind
Weaving through leaves on a vibrant morn
Carrying the pollen on its back
From which Autumn’s fruits will be born

Just the morning haze over distant fields
That speaks of heat that is soon to come
As the chariot rises on its fiery wheels
And blood beats in your ears like a drum

Just a typical day as the Solstice looms
Like a thousand, thousand days before
While the Riders that haunt the minds of Men
All other earthlings choose to ignore!