So, what is God? Or rather What if God is…? Some would suggest it’s a ‘big’ question but …here is a simple record of a recent social media post (I made) and the ‘beginnings’ of some philosophical musings about what (the thing that some people refer to as) God may be…

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Original post:
“So, now I’m wondering, what if ‘God’ (at least the ‘Creator’ aspect of that which some people commonly refer to as such) is simply a pure number? πŸ€”

Namely: 137

Too hard for human minds to fully comprehend, understand or accept how this could be and what it could imply? …So far this seems to be the case… including even some of our most lauded theoretical physicists!”

To which a (requested) attempt to ‘explain’ a little more was as follows:

what is God what if God is: the big bang

137 – Life, the Universe and Everything…

β€œ…Physicists know it as Ξ± (alpha), or the fine structure constant. β€œIt has been a mystery ever since it was discovered,” stated the late Richard Feynman, renowned theoretical physicist, in QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter, his book published in 1985.

Historically referred to as 1/137 (which in itself is symbolically interesting I think – see discussion below)

The fine structure constant, ‘alpha’, determines how fast an atom can emit a proton – i.e. how fast it emanates light: ‘let there be light’ – without it there would be no light. It is critical to the determination of the detail, pattern and emission of light.

Calculated as: the charge of the electron (q) squared over the product of Planck’s constant (h) times the speed of light (c) — the ‘units’ each of these values all cancel out and leave a ‘pure number’ without units.

it is suspected that 1/137 may be integral to eventual formulation of a great theory of everything — or Grand Unified Theory because it is the pure number and might ultimately enable the calculation of the connection between and integration/understanding of the relationship between electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and gravity.

Without the constant 1/137 there would be no matter, no energy, no light – in fact no Universe. (The multi-verse theory suggests that many – perhaps an infinite number of – other Universes may yet exist or already have momentarily or temporarily existed but ultimately will fail or have failed to sustain themselves because the ‘pure number’ 1/137 was not integrated into the fabric, the very warp and weft, of their space-time continuum!)

More esoterically speaking:

I am ‘postulating the implication of the symbolic meaning of 1/137 where:

The ‘1 over’ represents the ‘Infinite’ or ‘Endless One‘ – as per the Kabbalah, a God prior to self-manifestation referred to as Ein Sof or Ain Soph. “And of this ‘nothing can be grasped’ by the mind of man” – it is unknowable, ineffable, beyond comprehension. Therefore it is the ‘One’ over everything… i.e. ‘one over 137’

The 137 then represents three key aspects contributing to the form of our universe:

In this case the 1 – represents the Monad – the ‘primal atom‘ that which scientists might call a ‘Singularity‘ – which at the moment of the alleged Big Bang brought into being ALL matter that comprises the universe (BUT only because of the pure number 1/137 and the relationship it ‘Created’ between matter, space-time and light). The Monad is the legendary ‘dot’ at the centre of the ‘circle’ (in the monistic view) – arguably the circle is then the ‘known universe’ emanating from the dot and continuing to expand today (we can only ever ‘see’ how far light and matter have expanded… so this circle – actually a sphere of course – that is the ‘visible universe’ is currently just over 93 billion light years in diameter (despite the Universe being only around 14 billion years old!)

The ‘3’, then, is the trinity – although different frameworks of belief suggest different ‘trinities’ – the most common for Christians is of course the Father, Son & Holy Spirit… but there is also, for example, the theosophist ‘trinity’ of three Fires among other triadic relationships in various ancient beliefs. ‘Three’ has always been considered to have ‘unique significance’ – Pythagoras, the great Greek mathematician and philosopher, considered 3 the ‘perfect number’ representing harmony, wisdom and understanding. Three may represents various ‘Triads’ such as: ‘beginning, middle and end’; ‘past, present, future’; ‘heaven, earth, waters’; ‘body, mind and soul/spirit’…and so on…

And the 7 – represents the ‘sacred seven’ (3 higher and 4 lower human principles) – Seven has always been the ‘other’ recurring and revered number throughout human history, philosophy and beliefs: the 7 planets, the 7 chakras, the 7 colours of the spectrum of light; 7 deadly sins; 7 Heavenly virtues; 7 liberal arts…and so on… But, perhaps particularly, In respect of the 7 rays of coloured light which enable us (through the visible spectrum) to ‘witness’ the Universe and our experience our supposed reality… and further (referring again to theosophist theory) it is suggested that each of the 7 has a further 7 parts – which represents the 49 ‘fires and flames’ which ‘arguably’ we might aspire to and draw upon to nourish our own ‘Divine Spark’ as we traverse our own ‘spiritual path’!

Also – it is worth mentioning, perhaps – many people (particularly Christians are familiar with the concept that “in the beginning was the ‘Word'” – some maintain that word was ‘Om’ (essence of supreme Absolute or ‘consciousness’ itself) – as uttered by God (or perhaps a frequency that actually IS God as it imbues all universal matter with the Divine ‘signature’ 1/137) and which hence ’caused everything to be’… it is also coincidentally the first syllable of ‘Omega’ – hence: between ‘Alpha’ and ‘Om’ega and therefrom the creation of all ‘frequencies’ that brought matter and light into being at the moment that Monad caused or ‘became’ the theoretical ‘Big Bang’ β€” and hence, by imposing the constant value of 1/137 creating the fine structure, bringing into existence of our own Universe!… Which would imply that God TRULY permeates ‘all that is’ and is indeed both the hidden of the most hidden, and yet in plain sight being within us all!

(But this is all still a crude ‘scrabbling together’ of bits and pieces as, because my hand was forced, πŸ˜ƒ and I am still just ‘cogitating’ and composing these things… so this is just to illustrate the notion that: 1/137 may have a property that we cannot fully understand and accept because we seem to want God to be some kind of anthropomorphized ‘Great Being’ – or even if God is a ‘non-corporeal entity’ we still conceive as God ‘existing’ YET God is beyond, before and outwith any human concept of existence. And there are those – operating in the realm that is associated with but arguable above all other ‘scientific’ endeavour – that have always suggested that the existence of the universe may actually be based on ‘Maths’ rather than anything else! For example: Noted cosmologist Max Tegmark suggests that ‘everything in the universe – humans included – is part of a mathematical structure’… A notion, that if correct, would seem to support the idea that God may ‘simply’ be a ‘pure number’ (i.e. ‘simply be’ – yet still so complicated that not even H. sapiens’ supposedly ‘brightest minds’ can yet begin to explain it)…

Of course the bad news means that Douglas Adams in his comedic philosophical treatise ‘Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ was wrong… the answer to ‘life, the universe and everything’ is not ’42’ but 137!

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