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  • blowing bubbles | a philosophical poem

    I am fascinated by the notion of that particular thing that divides H. sapiens from other ‘beings’ on this small planet, circling a modest Sun, in an unremarkable ‘solar system’, one of billions in the galaxy we call the ‘Milky Way’ which itself is only one of billions of galaxies spread throughout the cosmos within […]

  • Important discussion about signal failure to recommend Vitamin D supplementation as a simple, cheap and effective initiative during the COVID-19 pandemic

    WISHING a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2022 to EVERYONE…And if anyone is still ‘in the dark’ about Vitamin D… this discussion (YouTube link posted below) is well worth listening to… Even so, I think there is more to this blatant failure on the part of governments and health care systems to do what is sensible, obvious […]

  • love’s spectacles | a rhyming poem

    Poetry is one of those odd things, at least for me, and I am rather hesitant even to claim such a nomenclature for my occasional and arguably questionable efforts… in that they are typically rhymes, and usually rather silly ‘nonsense verses’, most likely aimed a ‘younger reader’, but this is not always the case. The […]

  • the dragon | a prose poem

    This poem arrived as ever unexpectedly but, I suppose, inspired by looking into the self-growth and development philosophy that one often needs to ‘look inside’ to find the answers one is looking for. Although this item manifested itself employing some fairly well-worn metaphors, I think that there may be something meaningful in it, at least […]

  • ancient little folk | a retro-rhyme

    This is another example of a rhyme that just ‘came out of nowhere’ that is typically how I find they arrive on paper… without seeming to be much involved personally, until it is a matter of crossing t’s and dotting i’s! If I had any conscious goal it was to create something that had a […]

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