WISHING a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2022 to EVERYONE…And if anyone is still ‘in the dark’ about Vitamin D… this discussion (YouTube link posted below) is well worth listening to… Even so, I think there is more to this blatant failure on the part of governments and health care systems to do what is sensible, obvious and right, than meets the eye:

“(Nov ’21): “Pfizer Inc …on Tuesday said it expected 2021 sales of the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with German partner BioNTech SE to reach $36 billion and forecast another $29 billion from the shot in 2022, topping analyst estimates for both years.”

COVID-19 vaccines will provide diminishing return from ’22 onwards. But simple concerns about lack of good advice relating to impact on the COVID situation may well be a misdirection for attention when considering the clearly evident failure to recommend boosting Vitamin D levels through cheap self-supplementation.

By comparison OTC remedies are a massive and reliable source of income for Pharma companies:

“Revenue in the Cold & Cough Remedies segment amounts to US$37,631.99m in 2021. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.81% (CAGR 2021-2025).”

Which represent an forecast rise from US$ 37 billion to about US$ 46.36 by 2025 for Cold & Cough Remedies alone …a steady and’ healthily increasing’ return for the producers.

BUT… these people are well aware that IF people become cognizant of the efficacy and potential value of Vit D (and may also start to self-supplement with cheaply available Vit C, Zinc and perhaps even K2 …not to mention additional useful and safe supplements such as NAC)…

NOT ONLY will the massive but diminishing COVID vaccine market shrink more quickly BUT the familiar and reliable ‘cash cow’ that is OTC Coughs & Cold remedies will probably almost totally disappear!! Losing the pharmaceutical producers a previously stable, growing and reliable market (and there are implications and or TV ad revenues etc affecting ‘other commercial sectors).

Hence NO DESIRE to promote Vit D or other simple and cheap supplements that may help the situation as these cheap option will not replace the lost revenues and may result in a population also much healthier in general …and so, potentially, reduce all sorts of other pharmaceutical incomes besides this most obvious market!…

The 2020-22 vaccine income boom and consequent benefits to shareholders and billion dollar CEO’s could be turned into the worst economic debacle for the ‘Health Industry’ particularly in the US (where it overall is worth 2021 about US$2700 billion) …IF Vit D becomes widely acknowledged as cheap, effective and safe!

Conclusion: Failure to rapidly recommend Vit D supplementation is NOT just about COVID and Vaccines, but about the recognition that an overall healthier population will hit bottom-lines across a wide range of valuable industrial sectors in the coming decades — that far outweigh the 2020-22 Vaccine Bonanza as it fades into obscurity! (…It might even undermine the possibility to achieve future pandemic/s earnings opportunities that are already being forecast and planned for)

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