blowing bubbles | a philosophical poem

…forever blowing bubbles (narrator al g smith)

I am fascinated by the notion of that particular thing that divides H. sapiens from other ‘beings’ on this small planet, circling a modest Sun, in an unremarkable ‘solar system’, one of billions in the galaxy we call the ‘Milky Way’ which itself is only one of billions of galaxies spread throughout the cosmos within a ‘bubble-like’ area measuring some 93 billion light years across (the discernible Universe at this moment in space-time)… is related to our form of ‘consciousness’ Evidence is emerging that other animals may have at least some levels of consciousness that they were not previously acknowledged as having, but H. sapiens seem to be ‘blessed’ with particular extensions of their conscious abilities such as ‘ideation’ and ‘imagination’ that allow us to conceive of things in ways that other creatures probably cannot… The question is just how potent may these faculties be?… After all, we ourselves might only exist here on the dear planet Earth perhaps because we were originally just an idea that formed into an imagined possibility in the mind of Almighty God…

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