Al designs, creates and builds websites. Although this began in building only for himself, when he can he now also accepts client work via ei Web Design

If you happen to need your current website updated, overhauled or refreshed… or if you would like a website or eCommerce shop created on the WordPress platform that you can then take over and easily continue to develop yourself, then Al may be able to help you, both by creating the site and providing some training in using WordPress to get you going… and then ‘holding your hand’ and/or resolving any minor issues as you go on your way…

Please use the contact form on this site in the first instance to inquire about availability to assist you, and obtain a free quote… or if it is urgent you can call Al on ++351 926 787 406

More than a decade on…

Al’s original ‘informational’ sites (not built with WordPress) still attract many visitors… even though they themselves are currently awaiting ‘refurbishment’ — (the ‘Carpenter’s shelves’ syndrome, and all that!! 😀 ) — you can take a look at them here:

Tourist information for visitors to the Dominican Republic

Go Natural and Organic– Healthier lifestyle choices website

Websites and domains

Al also has many domains that he is willing to sell with or without websites ready made… Get in touch to find out more about available domain names and prices… or to make a reasonable offer, it’s unlikely to be refused 😀

stop taking the blue pills

Are YOU Bothered About What Is Happening To The World Around Us?...OR do you:

- Still think elected politicians have your welfare at heart?

- Still believe large corporate entities are producing products for your 'benefit' and NOT their own?

- Still think that so-called 'modern' medicine and agriculture... have 'got it right?'

- Still think 'everything will work out alright in the end' -- because -- just like any 'fairy story' -- the 'good guys always win' and 'we all live happily ever after'?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the four previous questions -- then I'm afraid you've been 'taking the blue pills too long!' -- Watch one or more of the worthy documentaries listed at the side... and let me know, via the contact form, what you think. Please?

If you still need more of a shove to 'wake you up', then there is more, let me know if you need it... Before it's too late!