Avoiding (or even Curing) Cancer? Simply A ‘Side-Effect’ Of Choosing Healthful Habits!

Herewith, what I hope is a worthwhile re-post of an article I penned last year and originally published on another site, it features a few of my favorite ‘hobby-horses’: HEALTH WARNING: Any Tips Arising From The Following Discussion Might Seriously Improve Your Chances Of Staying Well! In response to a recent ‘video post’ I happened […]

Electrosmog and EMF? Read this then this… (Oh Dear Smug, Intellectual Ignoramuses of the UK, What Uninformed Idiots You All Still Are!)

OK — so I may be accused of having-sat on the fence to a large extent regarding the issue of EMF — which many of you will know refers to Electric and Magnetic Fields — the fields that emanate from all electrical equipment, cell phones/mobile phones, cabling, power lines and get all kinds of mixed-up […]