Starting Over…

Frustrating isn’t word enough — over 5 years of ecelectic and original content removed from the face of the virtual world at one swipe… (or should that be… by one a*swipe?)

But to be fair (at least as fair as it is possible to be, when on wants to be kicking some serious butt all over the town, having lost massive amounts of work and value from innumerable websites thanks to hosting co faux pas!) I had not really been ‘keeping up’ with regular blogging on my site having let other projects distract me in the last months… Just a pity that some reasonable articles went west! (if I say so myself ;-D)

But… eventually you’ll see some posts here– a few ‘re-posts’ of articles I managed to recoup — and hopefully the odd new item when the mood and the muse takes me…

Meanwhile… welcome back to Al G Smith — The Blog, to all those avid regulars (hahaha!), and if you’ve never visited before I hope you’ll give it another chance wwhen a few more days of refurbishment have gone into the site..

Thanks for your patience… and interest!