Identifying with The Dream

OK so I don’t watch TV any more — not for about 11 years now… Albeit that living in Portugal and/or Spain these days almost every cafe/bar has TV on interminably… yet as I am still limited enough at these languages not to be able to understand the majority of what’s said, I don’t count seeing some snippets when I pop in for a loaf or bread, a pastel de nata, or a chilled Sagres as actually ‘watching tv’ in a strictest sense.

But this preamble is just to say that having not seen UK TV for years, I stumbled (via YouTube, because yes I do –obviously– use the Internet!) on the successful entrants in last year’s Britain’s Got Talent (2104), the group that Brits will almost all now be familiar with as Collabro!… But which I had not even heard of before this evening!!

I still recall Susan Boyle’s distinctive ‘moment’ on this lightweight fodder for the masses, SyCo enriching, undoubtedly popular programme… And like many people was moved by her rendition of the ‘Les Mis’ number, back in the day… But these young guys did a great treatment, on (?) QVC of all places, of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ — that I probably identify with even more strongly these days than I did when it all originally ‘Boyled over’…

It’s a great lyric and an emotionally stirring tune… and I post it here because I (almost) unashamedly like it and there are a couple of lines there that are just too close to the knuckle to listen to without a tear welling — (Indeed… “I had a dream my life would be, so different…”) — here it is:


…And while I am still maudlin’ 😉 and having now just seen this (while it is still viewable, lol!) …more reasons to blubber if you (too) can relate to A Great Big World’s beautiful but melancholic lyrics:

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