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stop taking the blue pills

Are YOU Bothered About What Is Happening To The World Around Us?...OR do you:

- Still think elected politicians have your welfare at heart?

- Still believe large corporate entities are producing products for your 'benefit' and NOT their own?

- Still think that so-called 'modern' medicine and agriculture... have 'got it right?'

- Still think 'everything will work out alright in the end' -- because -- just like any 'fairy story' -- the 'good guys always win' and 'we all live happily ever after'?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the four previous questions -- then I'm afraid you've been 'taking the blue pills too long!' -- Watch one or more of the worthy documentaries listed at the side... and let me know, via the contact form, what you think. Please?

If you still need more of a shove to 'wake you up', then there is more, let me know if you need it... Before it's too late!