What is it to be Human?

Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent three years filming interviews with 2000 people in 60 countries to try to address some of the most basic questions about our ‘humanity’. In the course of these exceptional films the many individuals express their personal view about what have been important aspects of their lives, their views about life, love and […]

Identifying with The Dream

OK so I don’t watch TV any more — not for about 11 years now… Albeit that living in Portugal and/or Spain these days almost every cafe/bar has TV on interminably… yet as I am still limited enough at these languages not to be able to understand the majority of what’s said, I don’t count […]

Do You Still Believe The Vaccination Hype?

Before this ‘blog was wiped last year and the numerous articles of varying length (and, no doubt varying quality) posted over a period some six years or so, were assigned to the great virtual green dustbin at the side of the virtual highway (thanks to the ‘bad’ auspices of the the ‘monstrously’ aggravating hosting company […]

Starting Over…

Frustrating isn’t word enough — over 5 years of ecelectic and original content removed from the face of the virtual world at one swipe… (or should that be… by one a*swipe?) But to be fair (at least as fair as it is possible to be, when on wants to be kicking some serious butt all […]