I Missed This Sumptuous Visual Feast When It Came Out. Did You? Samsara

“Samsara” — the wheel of life — a sumptuously filmed ‘wordless’ voyage observing many stunning, and some shocking, scenes around the good Earth… A glimpse of things that all go to make me realize how little I have seen or know about this planet we call ‘home’.

Some beautiful, emotionally evocative musical accompaniment also goes to make this a tour-de-force of visual and aural delights… Take a long coffee break and give it a look, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

What is it to be Human?

Yann Arthus-Bertrand spent three years filming interviews with 2000 people in 60 countries to try to address some of the most basic questions about our ‘humanity’.

In the course of these exceptional films the many individuals express their personal view about what have been important aspects of their lives, their views about life, love and many other things. Many stories relate to the challenges that trying to be a human requires each person to deal with, some are terribly sad, others are beacons of hope, all might touch something deep inside the viewer.

By turns sad, beautiful, heartwarming, harrowing, spirit-enhancing this wonderful collection of ordinary humans expressing their thoughts and feelings is something that — given the right attitude and approach — we should all watch and can all benefit from.

Arthus-Bertrand’s incredibly beautifully filmed compositions alternate between the interviews and simply stunning footage of aerial observations of many parts of the world, from bustling cities to barren snowscapes, accompanied by a perfectly chosen soundtrack representing the music of many cultures with fine additional music from Armand Amar.

If you manage to restrain the tears within the first ten minutes of watching ‘volume 1’ alone, in this web edition, you are made of sterner stuff than me!

This marvellous project is certainly an emotional roller-coaster ride but one that is not to be missed. Many thanks due to Yann Arthus-Bertrand for taking on this worthwhile and immense task:

Volume 1 (1 hour 23 min):

Volume 2 (1 hour 26 min):

Volume 3 (1 hour 33 min):


Identifying with The Dream

OK so I don’t watch TV any more — not for about 11 years now… Albeit that living in Portugal and/or Spain these days almost every cafe/bar has TV on interminably… yet as I am still limited enough at these languages not to be able to understand the majority of what’s said, I don’t count seeing some snippets when I pop in for a loaf or bread, a pastel de nata, or a chilled Sagres as actually ‘watching tv’ in a strictest sense.

But this preamble is just to say that having not seen UK TV for years, I stumbled (via YouTube, because yes I do –obviously– use the Internet!) on the successful entrants in last year’s Britain’s Got Talent (2104), the group that Brits will almost all now be familiar with as Collabro!… But which I had not even heard of before this evening!!

I still recall Susan Boyle’s distinctive ‘moment’ on this lightweight fodder for the masses, SyCo enriching, undoubtedly popular programme… And like many people was moved by her rendition of the ‘Les Mis’ number, back in the day… But these young guys did a great treatment, on (?) QVC of all places, of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ — that I probably identify with even more strongly these days than I did when it all originally ‘Boyled over’…

It’s a great lyric and an emotionally stirring tune… and I post it here because I (almost) unashamedly like it and there are a couple of lines there that are just too close to the knuckle to listen to without a tear welling — (Indeed… “I had a dream my life would be, so different…”) — here it is:


…And while I am still maudlin’ 😉 and having now just seen this (while it is still viewable, lol!) …more reasons to blubber if you (too) can relate to A Great Big World’s beautiful but melancholic lyrics:

Do You Still Believe The Vaccination Hype?

Before this ‘blog was wiped last year and the numerous articles of varying length (and, no doubt varying quality) posted over a period some six years or so, were assigned to the great virtual green dustbin at the side of the virtual highway (thanks to the ‘bad’ auspices of the the ‘monstrously’ aggravating hosting company it was supposedly in the safe hands of!)… there featured amongst those article a soap-box-style railing against the insistence that the current raft of vaccinations prescribed from neo-natal age and onwards to adulthood, are efficacious… or indeed even safe!

At that time I hadn’t even heard of Dr Suzanne Humphries. Although I had read ‘Evidence of Harm’ by David Kirby, and afterwards was somewhat aware of the efforts by the ‘establishment’ to denigrate and deride his efforts to support the mere fact that more serious research was needed to establish whether or not Thimerosal — the mercury based preservative, or perhaps other adjuvants, may have led to direct harm, in the form of causing autism spectrum disorders, to many thousands of US children.

As with most others who have dared question the efficacy of, and supposed science supporting the vaccine argument, Kirby was ‘written off’! But then again — when you are talking about just one aspect of an industry (sometimes referred to by ‘concerned citizens’ as ‘Big Pharma’ — the oligopoly that comprises the handful of multi-billion dollar corporates entities that sell Pharmaceutical drugs) that alone is worth many billions in profit annually, you can soon appreciate why ‘gainsayers’ are so effectively shut-up. shot-down, or metaphorically (if not literally?) assassinated.

Dr Suzanne Humphries
(photo source: http://drsuzanne.net/)

So it is ‘refreshing’ — if somewhat disheartening — to revisit this topic with ‘updated insight’ from the lucid and informed source that is Dr Suzanne Humphries. Dr Humphries is a Nephrologist (i.e. specializes in treatment of kidney related disorders) and when she began questioning hospital policies (within the hospital she had worked as a respected member of the staff) regarding the vaccination on admission of all patients (no matter how seriously ill  (and no matter the fact that there were clear contra-indications for patients with kidney problems to be dosed with vaccines particularly containing mercury or aluminum — typically used in many vaccines as preservatives yet also both acknowledged as highly toxic substances, in their own right).. and how the correlation between renal failure following vaccinations in some patients was very clearly evident… she ran into the same stonewalling, castigation and reputation assassination as others before had experienced… For now she battles on amidst cries of ‘quackery’ and other such unsupportable insults… More power to her and may her courage persist. It’s proven to be a ‘risky road’ to try and take on the massively funded entities that profit so handsomely from the ‘illness business’!

Such was Dr Humphries knowledge, experience, insight and understanding that she left the hospital in 2011 and has focused on trying to raise awareness of vaccination issues through research,  publications and public presentations worldwide since that time.

This blog post was however meant to mentions just one key quote from her own blog at http://drsuzanne.net… and that is in relation to the often experienced, misinformed and lamentable ‘outcry’ from other people who have vaccinated their children when faced with the knowledge that someone else’s child has NOT been forced to be pumped full of chemically toxic-shots — hence:

Here are a few common misconceptions about NOT vaccinating:

  • You are putting other people at risk by not vaccinating.  At risk for what?  Chicken pox? Ask your grandmother if she knew anyone who died from measles.  Different diseases have different degrees of severity in different age groups.  The misconception that “if you don’t vaccinate, you place others at risk” is based on an assumption that vaccinated people do not get the disease they were vaccinated for.  Did you know that a controlled study published in BMJ in school age children showed that of all the whooping cough that was diagnosed, over 86% of the children were fully vaccinated and up to date for the whooping cough vaccine? There are similar studies showing that mumps and measles breakouts often affect the vaccinated. People who are vaccinated can have their immune systems altered in a manner that leads to susceptibility to other infectious diseases, and can also leave them vulnerable to the disease they were vaccinated for due to a phenomenon called “original antigenic sin”.  What is ”original antigenic sin”?  This is where an injected vaccine antigen programs the body to react in a manner that is incomplete, and different to the natural response to infection .  When the vaccinated contact that disease again, they are unable to mount an effective response to the pathogen because vital first steps are missing.  The whooping cough vaccine is an example of this.

In other words — you are being put at greater risk for some diseases by BEING vaccinated! …Which implies that when outbreaks occur the vaccinated child is a creater source of threat to other vaccinated children!! And often times these are diseases, whilst ‘unpleasant’ and uncomfortable for many sufferers… they are readily recoverable from without lasting effects (in the vast majority of cases)… AND if allowed to occur naturally, will then provide natural immunity in a way that the body is properly designed for!

And another quote:

There is no evidence whatsoever that having an 85% or 95% vaccination rate protects from outbreaks.  This theory has been disproved time and again in highly vaccinated populations.

  • The non-vaccinated spread disease.  Actually it is the opposite.  Live vaccines are known to spread to close contacts.  Here is one recent example.

Dr Humphries has published numerous highly informative, objective, lucid and interesting presentations on YouTube and there are a few links worth sparing an hour or two to view below. We can only wish more power to her and those like her who have been prepared to ‘ruin their careers’ by standing-up against the ‘system’ that is now more about earning massive profits for the pharmaceutical companies than about truly caring for patients: the so-called field of “Modern Medicine”, where Doctor and Specialists have devolved into becoming mere puppets of these corporate behemoths and the ‘clear and present danger’ they have become to the public in general and those who are unfortunate enough ‘fall ill’ in particular!:

A 6-part presentation publish a few days ago (mid April 2015) but not embed-able:
PART 1: Vaccines-Honesty vs Policy – Part I.

(other parts follow on automatically if you use this link — I’d take a look now as it is pretty likely that YouTube/Google will decide to take it down fairly quickly!)

Starting Over…

Frustrating isn’t word enough — over 5 years of ecelectic and original content removed from the face of the virtual world at one swipe… (or should that be… by one a*swipe?)

But to be fair (at least as fair as it is possible to be, when on wants to be kicking some serious butt all over the town, having lost massive amounts of work and value from innumerable websites thanks to hosting co faux pas!) I had not really been ‘keeping up’ with regular blogging on my site having let other projects distract me in the last months… Just a pity that some reasonable articles went west! (if I say so myself ;-D)

But… eventually you’ll see some posts here– a few ‘re-posts’ of articles I managed to recoup — and hopefully the odd new item when the mood and the muse takes me…

Meanwhile… welcome back to Al G Smith — The Blog, to all those avid regulars (hahaha!), and if you’ve never visited before I hope you’ll give it another chance wwhen a few more days of refurbishment have gone into the site..

Thanks for your patience… and interest!