Al has always been drawing and painting over the years, sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically, sometimes as a matter of work sometimes undertaking a commission, sometimes just doodling on any blank piece of paper lying around the house… These pages do not represent much of what Al has done over the past 40 odd years, but happen to be examples that he has some photographs of (unfortunately often rather poorly lit and taken too quickly)…

Christmas Theme Sketches and Doodles

Children’s Pencil Sketches

Life Class Art Gallery

Miscellaneous art across the years


stop taking the blue pills

Are YOU Bothered About What Is Happening To The World Around Us?...OR do you:

- Still think elected politicians have your welfare at heart?

- Still believe large corporate entities are producing products for your 'benefit' and NOT their own?

- Still think that so-called 'modern' medicine and agriculture... have 'got it right?'

- Still think 'everything will work out alright in the end' -- because -- just like any 'fairy story' -- the 'good guys always win' and 'we all live happily ever after'?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the four previous questions -- then I'm afraid you've been 'taking the blue pills too long!' -- Watch one or more of the worthy documentaries listed at the side... and let me know, via the contact form, what you think. Please?

If you still need more of a shove to 'wake you up', then there is more, let me know if you need it... Before it's too late!