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algsmithWELCOME to Al G Smith’s Blog and Website:

Al is Wondering where the last half a century has gone!

Al G Smith is a writer, artist, independent researcher, web designer and developer who has created numerous websites for himself and many other businesses and individuals throughout the last decade-and-a-half, and publishes (with varying degrees of regularity!) to a variety of blogs, as well as trying to ‘contribute meaningfully’ to a plethora of other web-based resources!… Indeed Al G Smith is unquestionably a ‘man of many talents’, a proverbial polymath — if he says so himself (and who else would bother if he does not?)… Though aging gracefully, this silver-haired fox is also quite alarmingly handsome as well as being almost embarrassingly modest to boot! 🙂 i.e. Does not take himself or life too seriously — “Honest Guv’nor”.

And now he is also about to try and become a farmer! (note: This is where you laugh out loud hysterically — if you already happen to know me personally! Just in case you missed it!)

In his ‘past (normal?) life’ Al was a UK University Senior Lecturer for 14 years — hence the ‘white hair’ — (Lord alone knows where the time went, or why he stuck it so long!), before that (amongst other things!) he was a Chef/Manager in family and other restaurant and hotel businesses, an ‘Offline’ Business Owner, a Graphic Artist… indeed, a veritable “legend in his own lunchtime”!

Al has been a full-time(ish) Internet Entrepreneur and Website Developer (See: for some time — but as of 2013 he embarked on the ‘next phase’ of his progress towards achieving a more meaningful lifestyle and conscious way of living by becoming a (budding?) permaculture practitioner and ‘guardian of/carer for the land’ at the family’s farm in central Portugal (you can read more here: Quinta de Cima in Vale de Prazeres— especially if you’d like to visit/stay/help-out! 😀 ).

Al G Smith occasionally remembers to post to this blog, here, and to air his personal views and vent feelings about ‘life, the universe and everything’ and also to republish some of his more considered responses to those who use the popular Yahoo! Answers forum to seek some help… or occasionally to relay his responses to ‘so-called’ news items that appear online!

In an effort to support a friend and client, also situated in Portugal and offering personal, business and spiritual development support, Al would like to suggest that you may wish to visit these websites: